Personal Sheet Music Collection of Adrien Le Gallo, ALG

Bill’s Audio Reference Library, BARL

Baylor University – Digital Collections

(= Frances G. Spencer Collection of American Popular Sheet Music), BU

Bowling Green State University – Digital Gallery (= Sheet Music Collection), BGSU

Castle Ragtime Society, CRS

Duke University Libraries – Repository Collections & Archives

(= Historic American Sheet Music), DUL

Washington University in St. Louis – University Libraries

(= Gaylord Music Library), GML

Gonzaga University – Digital Archives

(= The Howard W. Wildin Sheet Music Collection), GU

Indiana Historical Society – Indiana Sheet Music, IHS

Indiana University – IN Harmony (= Sheet Music from Indiana: Lilly Library), INH

Johns Hopkins University – The Sheridan Libraries – Special Collections

(= Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection), JHSL

Johns Hopkins University – The Sheridan Libraries – Special Collections

(= Collection of Middle East-Inspired Sheet Music), JHSL-CMEISC

Johns Hopkins University – The Sheridan Libraries – Special Collections

(= Sam Carner Sheet Music Collection), JHSL-SCSMC

Library of Congress – Historic Sheet Music Collection, LoC

Library of Congress – Baseball Sheet Music, LoCB

Library of Congress – Performing Arts, LoCPA

Library of Congress – Women’s Suffrage in Sheet Music, LoCW

Library of Dance by Nick Enge, LoD

Louisiana Digital Library – Louisiana State Museum

(= New Orleans Jazz Museum Collection)

Margaret Herrick Library – Digital Collections, MHL

Michiganology – Library of Michigan (= Music of Michigan Collection), MMC

Mississippi State University – University Libraries Institutional Repository (= Charles Templeton Sheet Music Collection), MSU

The New York Public Library – Digital Collections

(= American Popular Songs Collection), NYPL

The New York Public Library – Performing Arts Research Collections, NYPLPA

Northern Illinois University – Digital Library

(= Lee Schreiner Sheet Music Collection), NIU

Orange County Public Libraries

(= Sheet Music Collection at the Cypress Branch Library), OCPL

Sheet Music Collection of crono23, SCC23

Sheet Music Collection of David A. Jasen, SCDAJ

Sheet Music Collection of John Lambert, SCJL

Sheet Music Collection of Rainer Lotz, SCRL

Sheet Music Collection of Sue Attalla, SCSA

Sheet Music Collection of Samuel Carner, SCSC

Sheet Music Collection of Tom Brier, SCTB

Sheet Music Collection of Walter Cosand, SCWC


Bella C. Landauer Collection of Aeronautical Sheet Music

(= Smithsonian Institution – Libraries), SIL-BCL

Stanford University – Stanford Libraries (= California Sheet Music Imprints), SU

SUNY College at Fredonia (= Historical Popular Sheet Music Collection), SUNY

Theodore Roosevelt Center At Dickinson State University – Digital Library, TRC

(= Dr. Danny O. Crew Theodore Roosevelt Sheet Music Collection)

Ted Tjaden (=, TT

Tulane University Digital Library (= Louisiana Sheet Music Collection), TUDL

Temple University Libraries – Temple Digital Collections

(= Temple Sheet Music Collections), TUL

University of California, UC

University Of Colorado Boulder – Digital Sheet Music Collection, UCB

University Of Missouri-Kansas City – Digital Special Collections

(= Sheet Music Collection), UMKC

The University Of Maine – Parlor Salon Sheet Music Collection, UMP

University of Michigan, UM

University of North Carolina at Greensboro – Manuscripts and Special Collections

(= Robert C. Hansen Performing Arts Collection) UNC


University of Oregon Libraries – Oregon Digital

(= Historic Sheet Music Collection), UOL

University of South Carolina – Music Library (= Sheet Music Catalog), USC

The University Of Tennessee Knoxville – Libraries Digital Collections (= University of Tennessee Sheet Music Collection), UTK

University of Virginia – Library, UV

University of Washington Music Library – Pacific Northwest Sheet Music Collection,   UWML

University Of Wisconsin-Madison – Mills Music Library Digital Collections, UWMM

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – UWM Libraries Digital Collections

(= UWM Sheet Music Collection), UWM

YorkSpace – York University’s Institutional Repository, YUIR

(= Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections – Sheet Music Collection)